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I Labour

by Truth And Its Burden

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released July 14, 2017

All music written and performed by Truth & Its Burden
Produced by Clinton Watts and Truth & Its Burden
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Watts Productions by Clinton Watts

Additional singing on “Fortified” by Bruce Carr
Additional singing on “Reset / Renew” by Kathryn Georgina De Beer
Group vocals on “Fortified” by Bruce Ashley Carr, Kathryn Georgina De Beer, Michelle McGill & Aimy Michelle Van Aarde

Cover painting by Kathryn Georgina De Beer
Layout and artwork by Capture Creative Design


all rights reserved



Truth And Its Burden Johannesburg, South Africa

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Track Name: I Am Eternal
What if we knew the world reached its’ end?
Would we fall on bended knees
Bended knee and broken.
Like a stone - the lowest low
We are not - alone in this.
We’re wrapped in our own disguise,
Without surrender we destroy.
Selfish and weak minded
With a conscious mind, I’m free to give my soul
I Am Eternal, we are eternal
What eyes can’t see, here lies within my heart
I Am Eternal, we are eternal
Cold hearted / cold hearted
broken sons / broken daughters
Selfish and weak minded, dead weight and sinking fast.
Track Name: Empty Promises
I, like my brothers, lent my ears to empty promises
Led to believe and brought to ruin, suffer through survival
I’m in over my head - with no end in sight
Pensive but willing - to fail at best
Between pride and circumstance, so focused on wrong ideals
We lost sight of what matters most, my heart regrets
Culture consumed with glorious fame
Have I lost fucking mind?
When everything’s so bright from here, what’s done is dusted
What lies ahead beyond regret, what’s done is dusted
Shell of disapproval - weighing down your guilt
When everything’s so bright from here, what’s done is dusted
Track Name: Dead To The World
There’s no kickbacks from broken hearts
I felt withered, drained, discontent
No peace, no rest inside me
I cut the ties between right and wrong
Kicked in the teeth - we’ve been led astray
Dead to the world
Stabbed in the back - we’ve been led astray
Dead to the world
I cut the ties between
There’s a sense of preservation
When the years have seen you through and through,
You keep pushing, and pushing
till you’re dead to the world
Track Name: Regain Composure
I felt the claws inch up
Broken spirit with guarded eyes
Drag - my - body beneath your feet - Surrender
Should I - endure this - defeat?
Severed ties - tested faith
Led to believe, brought to ruin
I hit the ground - face down in the dirt
Smothered in defeat - I picked myself up again
I hit the ground - face down in the dirt
Smothered in defeat - I picked myself up to regain
Regain, regain - some ground
Track Name: Righteous & The Meek
“No weakness in forgiveness”
The good, the bad, the non-conform
We let the hard lines sink hearts to the lowest low
And if the good was good, we lost it all in a haze of failure
Hearts grew colder and hands tight fisted
We let the pain set back what the mind held dear
Raise the white flag
We need to try and mend the broken ties
Without the fear of letting go
We have the future left to build upon
Righteous and the meek
And we can’t undo what’s done
It’s all brought us to this point
The good, the bad, the non-conform
The season is over - the well is dry
Track Name: Fortified
Let go - live through
I tried time & time again to break the cycle
I just know that I can’t do this on my own
It's the end of the old, I’m renewed within
Steady these trembling feet
Brought to the water’s edge
Let go - live through
Seek, seek out this temper that quakes
Steady these trembling feet
Put my head to the ground - brace my back
Deep in my guilt, but never a breath without Your love
Pull me under, I’ll rise back up
Let my faith move this mountain
Let my faith move this mountain
Track Name: Reset / Renew
With hands over my eyes - illuminate
Rip through the fibres that bind us
Searching for my own weakest thread
I can’t shake this desperation, reset / renew
The pressure - the panic - survival
We push - we pull - the wool over ourselves, reset / renew
Carved from hardship, so I define and refine
Just a single strand- now bound and unbroken
Track Name: Live Through Hell
Days past - right through years and into broken dreams
I should’ve known things would end this way
I was torn between letting go or living through hell
The deceiver – the denier, strength in words – weak in action
We all had to bide our time, not once, but a hundred times.
Finding compromise, ain’t always easy, when your minds’ made up
With bated breath we anticipate the construct of a new foundation
With bated breath we anticipate, waking up to new horizons – renewed with hope
We’ve been broken - we’ve been torn apart
the hopeful, the faithful – let’s reignite
Track Name: Iron & Fire
We don’t give up, not without a fight, we don’t give in, iron & fire (tempered)
Face to face with daily defeat, seems so hard to endure.
Failure feels so familiar, what broke your spirit when you hit the ground?
Tested against your limits, still you feel so alone in this.
But what you don’t quite see, is the lion defending you.
How much more can we carry alone?
Broken by the world – you lost heart
You set your faith aside & let pain decide, but all pride aside, call prayer to action
With iron & fire - cast pain aside, with iron & fire - let hope reside
Track Name: Weightless
Never enough, in reflection - I saw what you saw
Till there's nothing left of me, it's just never enough
How in hell did I reach this point? Seeing myself for everything I'm not;
Defining myself with what the world threw away;
Not a day goes by without negative thoughts; It’s been the bane of how I see myself,
Chained to a vision of different me
How on earth did my efforts fall so short? There’s nothing left of me
So with all the damage done, shoved aside
The weight of these words (still weighs down on me)
For heaven’s sake, I can't do this on my own, I’ve tried so hard, but fell so short

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